Orthopedic Surgery

When it comes to injuries, age, disease, and degenerative conditions, pets are just as susceptible to these problems as humans are. In some cases, dogs or cats are actually more at risk simply because of the way their modern DNA works. Some of that comes from the nature of the species, some of it comes from years and years of selective choices in how they are bred, and some of it comes from exposure or activity. When these issues arise, surgery is sometimes a necessary solution.


What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

For cats and dogs, orthopedic surgery involves addressing traumatic injuries like broken or fractured bones, torn ligaments, and structural failures from degenerative conditions. Where possible, a veterinarian surgeon can repair or replace failed components of a pet’s musculoskeletal system to help him recover mobility again. Many times, these surgeries are needed to fix significant trauma, such as being hit by a car or being seriously injured an animal fight.


Pets recovering from surgery require the same kind of treatment humans do. Pets that undergo surgery need rest, specialized care, and isolation to allow the healing process to complete itself. This can oftentimes include post-surgery medications and additional review and treatment by a veterinarian as well to make sure recovery progresses correctly as well.

Relying on the Right Expertise

Because orthopedic surgery can be complex and risky, working with the right veterinary surgical team is a must. Skill and experience go a long way to ensuring your pet goes through the procedure with the best chances for recovery.   

Our Burnaby team at Greystone Animal Hospital has handled some of the most complex orthopedic surgeries that can happen with a dog or cat. That kind of experience is important to successful patient outcomes. If your pet needs surgery, set up an appointment with us in Burnaby to evaluate your pet’s case. The care we provide both in and out of the operating room is second to none. Call us today to find out more.



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