Puppy Wellness & Vaccinations

There is nothing more exciting than bringing home your new puppy for the first time. New pet owners undoubtedly love their adorable canines, but ownership also comes with responsibilities. One of the best things you can do is make sure your pet gets the quality treatment it deserves with our veterinarian at Greystone Animal Hospital in Burnaby.


Puppy Wellness

Starting your puppy with a solid foundation of health and wellness is essential as it gets older. Just like a newborn baby, you should expect more visits with our veterinarian in the first year of your dog's life. A wellness visit allows our team to diagnose and treat any potential issues. We will also recommend lifestyle and nutrition guidelines that should be followed at home.

A puppy should have a visit with a veterinarian as soon as possible. Here, we establish a long and trusted relationship to provide excellent veterinary services as your puppy grows. It is common for our clients to have questions about puppy training, socialization, and how to welcome the pet as a part of the family. We work closely with you and your furry companion to establish routines for a healthy relationship.

Puppy Vaccinations

The first year of your pet's life is crucial for it to receive certain vaccinations because your pet’s immune system is not fully developed. During this life stage, your dog is susceptible to potentially fatal infectious diseases. Generally speaking, dogs should be vaccinated around 6-8 weeks. Our veterinarian will discuss a proper schedule to follow. The recommended core vaccines include the following:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Parvo
  • Rabies

We may also recommend some non-core vaccines depending on the breed of dog you have or the lifestyle habits. If you are unsure what vaccines your pet should receive, our veterinarian is here to help make sure your dog is on the right track.

Veterinary Care for Puppies and Dogs in Burnaby, BC

Our team at Greystone Animal Hospital has the knowledge and experience required to make sure your puppy gets started in the right direction for a long and healthy life. If you are new to the Burnaby area or a new dog owner, call our team at Greystone Animal Hospital today at 604-559-4488 to schedule a wellness check-up with Dr. Kamboj.


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