Conditions Treated

Pet owners understand the importance of keeping their pets healthy, but sometimes, an unexpected condition may affect your pet's health. Thankfully, we at Greystone Animal Hospital in Burnaby, BC, can provide the pet care your pet needs.

Conditions Treated

Our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals take the care and support of good pet health seriously. At our hospital, your pet will be in capable hands whether the appointment is for a general check-up or a surgical procedure.

About Pet Conditions

Pets are not immune from developing a condition that causes discomfort, pain, stress, and aggravation. With an examination and sometimes additional tests, we can help diagnose your pet’s condition and recommend a course of treatment for your pet.

Here are a few conditions we can help treat:

•             Allergies

•             Arthritis

•             Bladder Infections

•             Dental Disease

•             Diabetes

•             Ear Infections

•             Skin Infections

•             Parasites (fleas and ticks)

•             Urinary Tract Infections

Services Our Veterinarian Near You Provides

To help prevent pets from developing a medical condition, as well as treat pets already dealing with a medical condition, we provide different types of vet care, including:

•             Puppy Vaccinations and Wellness Checks.

•             Kitten Vaccinations and Wellness Checks.

•             Dental Care (check-ups and cleanings).

•             Radiology.

•             Pet Surgery (tumor removal, spaying, and neutering, intestinal blockage).

•             Parasite Prevention (fleas, ticks, heartworms).

•             Microchips

•             Orthopedic surgery.

•             Senior Pet Care.

•             Wellness Exams.

•             Vaccinations.

•             Euthanasia.

We love pets and want to see them and happy and healthy. Bring your pet to our team today to get him the veterinary care he needs to thrive.

Don’t let your pet suffer from treatable conditions when our pet care team is here to help your pet recover and get back to his life. Give us a call to learn more.

Get Veterinary Care from a Veterinarian Near You

For in-depth care and service focused on providing your pet with the treatments he needs, contact us at Greystone Animal Hospital in Burnaby, BC. We can support your pet from his earliest years to his latest. Contact us at your earliest convenience to begin your pet's journey to good health. Call us at (604) 559-4488 for veterinary care from a veterinarian near you.

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