Pet Allerrgies FAQs

Pet Allergies FAQs Answered

While you may know humans often deal with allergies, did you know your pet can also experience allergies? Your pet’s allergies can cause significant discomfort and impact its quality of life if it does not receive proper treatment. If your pet is dealing with allergy symptoms, you likely have questions about how your veterinarian near you will diagnose and treat them. Greystone Animal Hospital in Burnaby, BC, is here to answer frequently asked questions about pet allergies and how our veterinary team can help.

Pet Allergies FAQs

What are the signs of allergies in pets?

Pets can exhibit several signs related to allergic reactions. While humans most often exhibit allergy symptoms through the respiratory system, pets tend to have symptoms related to their skin and fur. These may include itching, scratching, skin redness or dryness, and excessive licking or biting of the skin or paws. Your pet may experience hives, facial or paw swelling, and even hair loss in severe cases. Other frequent symptoms of allergies include vomiting or diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, and runny eyes.

What can cause a pet to have allergies?

Your pet can experience allergies due to environmental substances, food ingredients, flea bites, and specific household items. Similarly to humans, pets can have allergic reactions to things like pollen, weeds, grass, and dust. Household chemicals and perfumes can also trigger reactions in pets. Beef, dairy, chicken, wheat, and soy are frequent pet food allergens. Other causes of allergies include mold and some medications.

How are pet allergies diagnosed?

Your veterinarian near you will diagnose your pet’s allergies through a skin test or blood sample. A skin test injects tiny amounts of common allergens into your pet’s skin to determine which causes a reaction. A blood sample examines your pet’s blood to identify what it will be allergic to. A diet elimination trial may be necessary to determine what food ingredients your pet is allergic to.

Can you treat pet allergies?

Your veterinarian can treat allergies after determining the specific allergens affecting your pet. Treatment may include antihistamines and medicated shampoos to ease symptoms. Your veterinarian may also make diet recommendations to eliminate your pet’s exposure to food allergens.

What can pet owners do to help pets with allergies?

Along with doctor-approved medication and proper food and bathing products prescribed for pets with allergies, your vet may recommend vacuuming more often, keeping air purifiers running, and changing to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Flea preventatives are also essential for protecting your pet from flea allergies.

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